My Valentine

If I were a Hercules I would capture the moon and the stars and place them in the skies above you so that you never know darkness.

As I am just a man, the heavens are beyond my reach,  but all I possess is yours without the asking

I will journey with you, explore and travel the wide Earth your hand in mine

Protect you from danger, hold you and comfort you through times of pain and challenge

I will do all in my power to help you be all that you can, in turn I will do my utmost to be the best of men.

I will cherish and adore you and give all of myself as long as blood flows in my veins.

Valentine, the greatest gift I possess is my heart,  it is yours.

Valentines day can be a challenge,  I used to think it meant I was supposed to buy cards, presents , flowers, posh restaurants, to show love and affection, you charged around and bought stuff. I had it all wrong, that’s not what Valentines really is at all. Sure a girl likes non-disposable products, those you can buy anytime, but now, today,  if I had a Valentine this is what I would say to her – and I would mean every word.

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