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I am Martin, a fifty-six year old Brit who calls London home but is inexorably and regularly to be found on other shores. This blog began six years ago, in it you will find bad spelling & atrocious punctuation along with my rambling thoughts (in almost readable English), given the fact that much of it was written fuelled by the local hooch in whichever country I have found  myself I consider it astonishing that any of it is coherent at all. Big shout out to me there.      Read my meandering thoughts about the places I’ve been, the friends I’ve made, the women I met along the way that were too good for me. Share in  my woefully inept efforts at finding enlightenment looking in all the wrong places. But don’t take my word for it, here’s just a little of the amazing feedback I’ve had so far:

There’s sharing and there’s oversharing, you’ve reached a whole new level (Yoga Teacher)

Your writing has the ups and downs of a hormonal teenage girl                    (M, Lawyer, London)

How dare you – those photos were meant to be private, delete them now or you are dead. (Nadia, Graphic Designer, Portugal) 

When are you going to start doing something besides just bumming around the world? Each time people ask what you are up to I have to come up with an excuse.  (Son, England)

The Tripartite Internationale
With travel a man realises that there are three fundamental elements that bond all men one to another, regardless of country or continent, language or religion or tone of skin, we are all the same, one and all.

Wine Women & Song.
Bengali: Sur, Sura, Sundari, 
Bulgarian: Пиене, ядене и някоя сгодна женица, 

Czech: Víno, ženy a zpěv, Danish: Vin, kvinder og sang

Finnish: Viini,laulujanaiset

Polish:Wino, kobiety i śpiew

Germany:Wein, Weib und Gesang

Georgian:ღვინო, დუდუკი, ქალები

Except the Italians: Bacco, Tabacco e Venere – Bacchus, Tobacco & Venus. Bloody Poetic those Italians.
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