Bank Holiday

The Bank Holiday is a quintessentially English institution, it came into being in the Victorian era when it was deemed necessary by the powers that be to legislate certain days as national holidays rather than allow a hotchpotch of unregulated saints days. Now it has to be said that the very description Bank Holiday is … More Bank Holiday

Life Drawing

I am standing on the roof of the new extension at the Tate Modern, surveying the glorious view from The Blavatnik Building on London’s Southbank at the beginning of the May Bank holiday weekend. The Sun is hitting my face warm and strong, as I gaze out across the River Thames towards St.Pauls Cathedral the … More Life Drawing

Love, Loos & Buses

Have you ever wondered what it feels like for a fish looking outwards from a goldfish bowl? Well travel across India on a sleeper bus and maybe you will begin to understand.  My first experience on an Indian sleeper bus was years ago, I vowed after that trip never to set foot on another.  Rather … More Love, Loos & Buses

Green Godesses

This poem reminds me of a beautiful girl, a warm summer evening far away from England and the Absinthe we drank together.   Be Drunk by Baudeliere* One must be for ever drunken  that is the only thing that matters.  To avoid the burden of time weighing heavily on a mans shoulders  that bends his back … More Green Godesses

Rice an Peas

Late afternoon, early April, London, I have just been decanted from the 52 bus outside Willesden library. I am wearing what has become my second skin of late since coming back from India, a puffer jacket, it keeps off the April chill & the wind blowing across the concrete & paving stones and tarmac as … More Rice an Peas

Black White Grey

A she once told me that I thought only in terms of black & white, that in my world each decision I made boiled down to a & right & wrong, maybe she was right, perhaps I did think like that. Her view was as I see it now something she considered wider, more evolved, … More Black White Grey