My Guilty Secret shared

 I’ve done it this weekend, it wasn’t about the money itself, it was the act of paying for it, for services rendered as you might say. I know lots of men do it, I never thought I would, but this weekend I did. Do i feel guilty? Yes a little, I know my mother bless her would have disapproved, but, it was the right thing for me to do. I had to to move on, to free myself from an endless circle thats just got in the way of living. In itself its just a little thing really, but its taken up my thoughts and my time and there are frankly much more important things in my life to get on with.

Its cost me £15, which is a bargain, the girl smiled all the way through, and it was all over very quickly. 

For years and years I’ve done my own ironing, I’ve felt it would be indulgent to take it to the dry cleaners, that if i get somebody else to do it for me then i am being lazy. So, every week i build up ironing into a problem, i have to wash them, iron them and i have to have a crisp shirt, it takes me bloody ages. If i don’t have ironed shirts ready for the week i feel uncomfortable. Some weeks I have 20 shirts to iron if I’ve let them accumulate, it takes forever, i waste hours in the process. Ive hated it all.

Now I am free, i have more time to do things, or indeed more time to not do things. 

Liberation for £15, thats a bargain, please don’t think badly of me.






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