Today  I leave Spain, having spent more than two weeks travelling across the country.  I began in France, with a bicycle and a rucksack. I went up mountains and down again, through mile upon mile of vineyards and valleys, across streams and rivers so numerous that I couldn’t count them, through forests and glades and … More Santiago.


This morning I wake up in the beautiful City of Leon, I am four hundred and sixty kilometres into my journey, more than half way, I have climbed a few mountains, then raced down the same number, crossed wide plains, gone through vineyards and olive groves, through villages and Cities. My Camino De Santiago  began … More 460.


I walk past houses , window boxes with bright flowers, neat gardens, TV screens that flicker  behind net curtains, warm, comfortable, these are homes, how cosy they seem to me, cosy and impossible. I take a short cut across Queens Park, early evening, the children have gone home, just a few stragglers remain, the rain … More Camino.