With my ever advancing years there are few things that I find more satisfying in life these days than a darned good rant. Now in my book a rant is an invective filled tirade of a thing, replete with expletives and language from the gutter, it should go on for an extended period and inculcate … More Rant

The Window

I’ve sat in this armchair off and on now for almost a year ( just in case you were wondering I do get out of it from time to time – it’s not that I am actually glued to my armchair all the time ), but truth be told it’s normally a good few hours … More The Window


London November Three days of swimming has not got any easier or made me feel any fitter, I am still knackered and I see no improvement in the slightest. Clearly I was hoping for a fitness miracle and the reality is that there’s a long way to go. Day 4 and I am on my … More Speakeasy

Life Drawing

I am standing on the roof of the new extension at the Tate Modern, surveying the glorious view from The Blavatnik Building on London’s Southbank at the beginning of the May Bank holiday weekend. The Sun is hitting my face warm and strong, as I gaze out across the River Thames towards St.Pauls Cathedral the … More Life Drawing

Rice an Peas

Late afternoon, early April, London, I have just been decanted from the 52 bus outside Willesden library. I am wearing what has become my second skin of late since coming back from India, a puffer jacket, it keeps off the April chill & the wind blowing across the concrete & paving stones and tarmac as … More Rice an Peas

The Lunch

Dark brown eyes kohl framed look at me across a dining table in London’s west end on a weekday lunchtime in late October. After the best part of four years this is the first occasion on which me and the X have sat and talked together on any meaningful level, it’s arguable it has been … More The Lunch

Autumn London

Autumn in London can be the finest of times, an interegnum, summer dispossessed, winter yet to take the crown. The Sun sings it’s  swan song, a fleeting goodbye, brings clear blue skies, warmth on the skin for a little while longer. This is a mellow time, the colours of Autumn, I think of Hampstead Heath, … More Autumn London