Its only in the last few years that I’ve begun to enjoy poetry, as a youngster it never really resonated with me, but time changes all things even my appreciation of poetry. More than anything else I found that poetry made me think and question and sometimes to imagine that I might even understand just … More Poetry

Favourite things

How my footsteps crunch on fallen snow My joy at a flight out of Heathrow That sound of a train on railroad tracks The tunes I’ve collected on my apple mac Supping tonic and vodka 40 percent proof The clatter of rain on an old tin roof A tattooed lady with a glint in her … More Favourite things

Growing Older

My eyes grow weaker with the passing of the years and yet somehow I find  beauty in the smallest of things where once I raced by. The voice that once boomed has grown less insistent, my ears better at listening,  I learnt to recognise the fool & the sage Wise enough now to see them … More Growing Older

June 25th

Fifty eight  – am I really that old The very idea leaves me quite cold I refuse to be wrinkly just wait & see Botox, colonics & blue pills for me Getting old – bollocks to that Receding hairline I will just wear a hat Hair grafts, massage, yoga as well Ageing process  –  It … More June 25th

Light Traveller

Let’s make a pact you & me All the places we’ll go and the things we shall see No heavy baggage a pain to carry An occasional spot to pause & tarry Old clothes that don’t fit we can leave behind enough of work and daily grind Sunrise and sunsets lets savour each one Under … More Light Traveller


Far away you and I on the beach sand by a crackling fire. Reds & golds light your face I listen as you tell me your stories. Of the roads you have travelled the people lost & people found Of days your heart was broken Of  lovers who healed The nights when the moon was … More Fireside


  I wake in a homestay on a hillside in Dharamshala the sound of the rain pattering out a rhythm on the rusty tin roof above my eyes focus on the little window, curtains half drawn allow a column of light to break through with the dawn  drops of water collect in rivulets and flow … More Akogare*