Favourite things

How my footsteps crunch on fallen snow My joy at a flight out of Heathrow That sound of a train on railroad tracks The tunes I’ve collected on my apple mac Supping tonic and vodka 40 percent proof The clatter of rain on an old tin roof A tattooed lady with a glint in her … More Favourite things

The Window

I’ve sat in this armchair off and on now for almost a year ( just in case you were wondering I do get out of it from time to time – it’s not that I am actually glued to my armchair all the time ), but truth be told it’s normally a good few hours … More The Window

The Confessions of a Rambling Man Chapter 12

Tim had an unfailing ability to be able to echo locate a party at will, in fact it was a given that were you to be at any decent party on a Saturday night anywhere close to Portobello Road then there you would find Tim. 

Remarkably Tim’s party nose even worked in India, A friend of mine he announced is having his 50th Birthday party down at OM beach, it’s a weekend thing, should be quite good why don’t you come? … More The Confessions of a Rambling Man Chapter 12