Green Godesses

This poem reminds me of a beautiful girl, a warm summer evening far away from England and the Absinthe we drank together.   Be Drunk by Baudeliere* One must be for ever drunken  that is the only thing that matters.  To avoid the burden of time weighing heavily on a mans shoulders  that bends his back … More Green Godesses

Rice an Peas

Late afternoon, early April, London, I have just been decanted from the 52 bus outside Willesden library. I am wearing what has become my second skin of late since coming back from India, a puffer jacket, it keeps off the April chill & the wind blowing across the concrete & paving stones and tarmac as … More Rice an Peas

Black White Grey

A she once told me that I thought only in terms of black & white, that in my world each decision I made boiled down to a & right & wrong, maybe she was right, perhaps I did think like that. Her view was as I see it now something she considered wider, more evolved, … More Black White Grey

Night & Morning

  I want some music in my life, so evening finds me in a bar in Agonda, a long moon shaped bay fringed with palm trees and beach shacks & for those with the inclination ample watering holes in which to have a drink or two. As I count myself as one of those people … More Night & Morning

La vie sauvage

Sunday morning and I begin to stir, the dinosaur rumbles into life, these last few days after several years of always waking crazily early I am instead waking several hours later than usual, what is this I wonder, why the change, a month into my time in India? Why now? There’s an unfamiliar sound outside … More La vie sauvage

The Lunch

Dark brown eyes kohl framed look at me across a dining table in London’s west end on a weekday lunchtime in late October. After the best part of four years this is the first occasion on which me and the X have sat and talked together on any meaningful level, it’s arguable it has been … More The Lunch