London & Lisbon

Autumn came too bloody quickly, I wanted more summer than England could ever muster and I felt the compulsion to give my carbon colossus wings. And so I  jetted off to Lisbon for a long weekend and a last bit of European sunshine in early November.  Hell I’ve wanted to see Lisbon for ages & … More London & Lisbon


Newtons law of universal gravitation states that two distinct objects each possessing mass will exert a gravitational force one on other, the closer these two objects become the greater the force of attraction between them.  London, well into September and winter wants to remind me that summer is no more than a memory.  A swirling … More 2391.

The Mountain

Koryfis is a rather beautiful little mountain in Greece,  it’s not the grandest or the tallest, in fact at two thousand or so feet it may not even deserve to be called a real mountain, but nevertheless it is a jewel which rises high over the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Corinth. The journey … More The Mountain

Carnival Time

Carnival in Notting Hill is steeped in a history that goes deep into my memory, I first went  in my early twenties, fresh from the sticks, a country bumpkin new to the Big City.  And back then I remember that first carnival as full of sunshine, of music and my own sense of wonder at … More Carnival Time

Lion Girl

Travelling has brought me good fortune, as much as it has been about the places I’ve been it has also been about the people I met along the way, this is my recollection of one of those people.  Sitting on the balcony of my little Nepali homestay in the early morning looking out towards lake … More Lion Girl

Down at Heel

I’ve always had a thing about maps, I remember way back when I was maybe seven or eight years old,  I’m in the little library of my prep school, library is a rather grandiose term, really it was more aptly described as a small room filled with books, once in order, but now looking like … More Down at Heel

Ophiocordyceps Sinensis

  Five times more precious than Gold  In a place now long forgotten and at a time unspecified but rumoured to be around fifteen centuries ago a Yak herder was tending to their flock high in the Himalayas, the location rather vaguely somewhere between Northern India & Tibet, a vast range stretching thousands of miles … More Ophiocordyceps Sinensis

Bank Holiday

The Bank Holiday is a quintessentially English institution, it came into being in the Victorian era when it was deemed necessary by the powers that be to legislate certain days as national holidays rather than allow a hotchpotch of unregulated saints days. Now it has to be said that the very description Bank Holiday is … More Bank Holiday

Life Drawing

I am standing on the roof of the new extension at the Tate Modern, surveying the glorious view from The Blavatnik Building on London’s Southbank at the beginning of the May Bank holiday weekend. The Sun is hitting my face warm and strong, as I gaze out across the River Thames towards St.Pauls Cathedral the … More Life Drawing