Women are Poems.

Akka Mahadev, 12th Century Karnatakan Poet, who went around naked. Clothes she felt were aesthetically unnecessary. I like the sound of her & was also rather struck by her idea that every woman is a poem. Here’s one slightly silly rhyme I’ve knocked up. with apologies to Mahadevi. The March of time wears down hard … More Women are Poems.


Spring is here, I know this because on my perfunctory perambulations in the local park I am greeted by daffodils & croci poking their heads up through the grass, all stalks bending in the march wind & flowers straining towards the warmth of the sun. I do likewise, sitting on an old park bench my … More Walkies


New tales beckon from the year to come Lay the old days to rest with the year end sun laughter and memories remembered reveries A candle lit and a glass or two raised To old friends lost or simply mislaid Lets meet one day and recount our tales Of madcap adventures and lost holy grails … More N.Y.E