South for Winter

As humans we imagine ourselves above all other animals as a pinnacle of evolution, but when you really think about it that idea is utter bollocks. I say this because you need only look towards the animal world & there you find infinitely more sensible creatures, take for instance the common or garden Swallow.  This little … More South for Winter


Winter has settled here in London and the clocks tick inexorably towards the end of another year. The people of London who in summer sported t shirts and shorts now wrap themselves in thick coats and scarves and wooly hats. The Cafes that grew in spring and flowered in summer, when tables and chairs spilled … More Gypsy


London November Three days of swimming has not got any easier or made me feel any fitter, I am still knackered and I see no improvement in the slightest. Clearly I was hoping for a fitness miracle and the reality is that there’s a long way to go. Day 4 and I am on my … More Speakeasy


OK today I am getting my arse in gear. I’ve spent the last few months talking to myself and anyone unlucky enough to be with me for more than five minutes about just one subject, my lack of focus and my lethargy/borderline miserableness doing anything about it. I moan about needing to do stuff ( … More Walrus

London & Lisbon

Autumn came too bloody quickly, I wanted more summer than England could ever muster and I felt the compulsion to give my carbon colossus wings. And so I  jetted off to Lisbon for a long weekend and a last bit of European sunshine in early November.  Hell I’ve wanted to see Lisbon for ages & … More London & Lisbon


Newtons law of universal gravitation states that two distinct objects each possessing mass will exert a gravitational force one on other, the closer these two objects become the greater the force of attraction between them.  London, well into September and winter wants to remind me that summer is no more than a memory.  A swirling … More 2391.

The Mountain

Koryfis is a rather beautiful little mountain in Greece,  it’s not the grandest or the tallest, in fact at two thousand or so feet it may not even deserve to be called a real mountain, but nevertheless it is a jewel which rises high over the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Corinth. The journey … More The Mountain