In Dharmsala I wake in a homestay on a hillside in the foothills of the Himalayas to the sound of the rain pattering out a rhythm on the rusty tin roof above, my eyes focus on the little window of the room, drops of water collect into rivulets and flow down the panes, … More Akogare*

The Old Lady

August rain drops tumble onto London pavements. Listen hard and you will hear a million umbrellas unfurl out of tube station exits, under grey skies office workers trudge to joyless office blocks full of flickering computer screens I sit outside a cafe at  Notting Hill Gate, genteel Notting Hill sheltering from the rain An old lady rough sleeper shuffles by … More The Old Lady

The fabric of Stars

 Part of the predominantly attractive City of Freiburg is a grey brutal sprawl of concrete. A walkway & 70’s footbridge straddles a busy dual-carriageway, it goes by the name of Schlossbergsteg, one side has it’s feet in the town, the other rests its foundations at the base of a forest covered hill, Castle Mountain. I have … More The fabric of Stars

Lily White

For the first fifty-three years of my life at no point did I ever have the slightest desire whatsoever to visit Germany. Now whilst admittedly there is a lot that this country has contributed to the world, be it literature, art, philosophy, science or a host of other stuff, quite frankly none of that made … More Lily White

Breathing in Nepal

The moment you leave Kathmadu airport and step into Nepal your lungs begin to taste the air, with each exhalation at the bottom of each breath comes that moment of stillness, then Nepal rushes in. That air is laden with chaos, traffic, fumes, dust blown on an unwholesome air,  your eyes find strange faces peering from … More Breathing in Nepal

Rambling Rhymes

Naked  I like you naked next to me Even though i’m fifty three I like your lips, I like your hair But Best of all I like you bare. Adam Thats it I’m finished with sinning It was a mistake from beginning That bite of the apple did for me I’m out of the garden … More Rambling Rhymes

Alphabet Man

​A for the apes we’ve been over time B for for the brains misplaced down the line C for the crazy ideas in our heads D for the dicks we think with instead E for eccentric, sounds better than mad F is the fear of becoming your Dad. G  for gold, I’ve blown all mine … More Alphabet Man

Telling Tales

Goa February 2017 I have devoured books in these last few months living in India, once a week I make a trip on my scooter to restock, I head to Palolem, a tourist beach with a long jumble of shops. I pass the endless vendors of tourist tat, the grog shops, the fast food stalls, … More Telling Tales


February is here, it’s time for some new years resolutions, better late than never. More exercise, more yoga, swim more, eat better, stop being a dope around women. This is not a finite list by any means, but it’s enough to be going on with that’s the main thing, you have to start somewhere. You … More Resolutions

A frog in my Bog

I have spoken more with the Indian lady who lives next door to me in Goa in three months than I did with my neighbours in Ladbroke Grove in twenty or more years. This is all the more surprising given the fact that neither of us understand a word the other is saying, she speaks … More A frog in my Bog