Botox Lady

I am sitting in a Goa cafe, having breakfast, this place does a great scrambled egg & smoked salmon, imported of course, a pleasant change escaping Indian spicy food from time to time. The cafe itself is a rather chic affair with add-ons, you can get a massage, or do a yoga class, or as the plethora of … More Botox Lady

Chotti Holi

  It’s Chotti Holi, the day before the main Hindu Festival of Colour, In the morning I leave the quiet oasis that I am staying in, an old Haveli with a central courtyard, full of vines & flowers & calm, shaded from the sun and the heat, I step through the enormous wooden front doors, … More Chotti Holi

Rabbit Soup

This can be a very dangerous place says Austrian Bettina. Her sentence ends abruptly without explanation. I am left to fill in the gaps for myself as I sit in the sun on the verandah of  ‘Trek and Dine’ Restaurant and drink my coffee and watch Bettina disappear inside the Restaurant.  What does she mean, … More Rabbit Soup

Milly & Me.

In Goa the sun shines, the palm trees sway in the breeze, the sea is close by and inviting, the brightly coloured colonial houses are cosy and comfortable. This euro-india is a gentle place that takes you to heart, or perhaps it just slips into mine, but for the first time in a while I … More Milly & Me.