Food. Tuesday August 2nd.

On my new meandering path to wellness I’ve decided to tackle my diet. Now it’s not that dreadful to be honest, if zero was a fast food munching coke gulping fatberg of a diet and ten was a macrobiotic pulse laden organic fest then I’d be a five or maybe a six, but there is room for improvement.

So from today I’m going to start eating more health consciously. 

I decide a bit of a cleanse is a good idea, so I am not going to eat during the day – just a bit of fruit and then have a decent meal late afternoon.

During the morning I take a walk in the park, then do some exercises in the back garden for half an hour ( nobody can see me pathetically floundering with barbells a three year old could manage )

I read a little of my new book & take my vitamins. 

All goes well until late afternoon when my stomach starts to grumble.

I head towards the fridge where I find  lettuce, beetroot tomatoes and other sundry veg, along with hummus. I put the afore mentioned foodstuffs out on the table and survey them.

As I feel my blood sugar plummet there is no alternative other than to grab my mobile and order a takeaway.

Thirty minutes later I am stuffing my face with fish & chips & mushy peas.

Fish is good for a person isn’t it? I can always start my diet tomorrow.

I read some more before bed, a rather dull tome thus far full of Mesopotamian & Greek Gods and their place in the hills of Lebanon, but I’m sticking with it. It’s the closest I will get to travel in the near future. 

I go to sleep with headphones on, listening to two hours of Tibetan Chants which the blurb promises will remove all negative energy & clean my aura. 

I’ve never really considered the state of my aura, though I’m pretty certain it must be in a filthy state as I’m fifty nine and have never cleansed it before, so it’s high time.

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