A Rhyme in Time

Good looks once possessed are now depleting

For the beauty of youth ’tis no more than fleeting

Those bright eyes we had that sparkled & glinted

Are now best described as bloodshot & squinted

Hair once lustrous and shiny bright

Falls out grey on the pillow at night

There are many facets to growing older

Like feeling the cold or the twinge in your shoulder

How policeman look younger with the passing of years

That we learn to forget once perceived fears

There are many things that can be done 

Most important of all is to make life fun

Some suggestions I’ve written down here

Maybe not your thing, but you get the idea

Don’t clutter your mind with useless dross

& as long as you’ve teeth remember to floss

Maybe find pleasure as a writer of rhymes

But whatever you do take one day at a time

Pen lots of letters, read lots of books

Watch TV dramas about Scandi crooks

Always keep moving, walk every day

It’s good for your heart, so they say

Treat all men as equal, whether pauper or prince

In the value of this I am wholly convinced

See mountains and deserts, sail seven seas

Go to the forests to hug big trees

Have love affairs, dive in the ocean

Moisturise your skin it needs plenty of lotion

Bring life to your dreams, don’t put off that plan

Travel the world in a beat up old Van

It really all matters not a jot

In the end we’re all gonna rot

So shake a leg and raise a glass

And get off of your lardy arse

There’s a world to see and things to do

Best do it now whilst there’s still a you.

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