Women are Poems.

Akka Mahadev, 12th Century Karnatakan Poet, who went around naked. Clothes she felt were aesthetically unnecessary. I like the sound of her & was also rather struck by her idea that every woman is a poem.

Here’s one slightly silly rhyme I’ve knocked up. with apologies to Mahadevi.

The March of time wears down hard

Where others see curves she sees lard

She has regular Botox can’t you see?

Taken leave of her senses & reality

Now two fat slugs instead of lips

Next lipo on those fulsome hips

A nip & tuck, augmented here & there

A coiffeur each fortnight to hide grey hair

Nails once natural now garish acrylic

Beauty regimes seem quite imbecilic

But then I’m a man what would I know

I’ve nasal hair & just let it grow.

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