These are a few of my favourite things

How footsteps crunch on fallen snow

A flight somewhere out of Heathrow

The sounds of a train on far away tracks

Favourite tunes stored on my mac

Tonic and vodka 40 percent proof

The clatter of rain on an old tin roof

A beautiful woman with a glint in her eyes

An Athenian gyros with rosemary fries

Skin the colour of caramel

Misplaced loves never to tell

Forests of pine resin scented 

Ice cold drinks nicely fermented

The women that insist they just have to kiss you

The old lover that whispers they really quite miss you

Watermelon chilled and sweet

The feel of sand beneath bare feet

Skinny dipping late at night

Under stars that twinkle bright

Beautiful souls to love & inspire

Sitting beside a glowing log fire

Mashed potatoes, steak and ale pie

Never having to say goodbye

My favourite things these are but a few

But best of all for me there’s you

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