June 25th


Fifty six – am I really that old

The very idea leaves me cold


I refuse to be wrinkly just wait & see

Botox, colonics, viagra for me

Getting old – bollocks to that

Receding hairline, just wear a hat

Hair grafts, massage, yoga as well

Ageing process  –  go to hell

Grow disgracefully old one day at a time

Woo beautiful women long after my prime

Revel with Bacchus, burn the candle both ends

Take advantage of all that providence sends

Theres  nothing else for it,  down the line

Be a devilish rogue come fifty-nine

Ageing’s a process I refuse to do

So off to the parlour to get a tattoo

And if all else fails then a simple plan

To live the life of a younger man

At sixty-three when I make it that far

I shall take up juggling & slide guitar

At seventy-two I’ll decide around then

To learn Japanese & write poems of Zen

At eighty-one I shall take up trapeeze

& visit the Congo to spot chimpanzees

At ninety-three I shall take the train

Siberia, Murmansk & back once again

At ninety-four head to Salvador

Caipirinhas at Carnival by the score

And when I reach one hundred and one

Pause for a while to bask in the sun

Then off to Shangri-La I’ll go

Trapsing through the mountain snow

Search out a monk in a temple there

Become a Buddhist and a tantric player

And then at last at a hundred & four

Re-incarnate for one life more

On my tombstone these words inscribed

‘ A world of life & love imbibed ‘

Then maybe etched in Sanskrit or Greek

( in letters carved out extra deep )

Don’t seek me here for I’m long gone

Reincarnated in Babylon

Or I’m maybe a Camel or a Honey-Bee

Or a hairy Sloth hangin’ in a tree

Just to say I’m gone for sure

Such fun this life I’ve gone for more.



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