Light Traveller

Let’s make a pact you & me places to go and things to see No heavy baggage a pain to carry let’s travel light, ditch yesterdays old clothes that don’t fit carried far, serve no more let’s travel light, you & me & possibility  


  The Headman It’s his shoes I become aware of first, in a crowded noisy hall in Picadilly, you can tell they cost a packet, brown leather brogues, very English. With each brown brogue footstep across flagstone floor the audience hubbub decreases as the man we are here to see approaches a small podium upon … More Headman

Out of Time

      There are some wonderful photos at the Science Museum’s Illuminating India gallery, depicting 150 years of Indian Photography, amongst one of the many photos that grabbed me was a picture of a father & daughter. Perhaps it would be better to say that there was something haunting in the photo, the subjects … More Out of Time


Far away you and I on the beach sand by a crackling fire. Reds & golds light your face I listen as you tell me your stories. Of the roads you have travelled the people lost & people found Of days your heart was broken Of  lovers who healed The nights when the moon was … More Fireside