England Autumn

Rays of sunlight pierce the green forest canopy above me on my morning walk. They make me think of stage lights at a theatre, beams spotlight patches of furry moss,  the forest floor cluttered with a carpet of fallen leaves that  touch every possible shade of russet & brown & gold. Tree trunks wider than … More England Autumn

Mindless Meditation

The search for enlightenment takes me to a room in London chock-a-block with Buddhists, we are going to meditate. I’ve listened earnestly to the instructions from the teacher  Rinke-Dinke-Rinopoche ( what are the chances of a white anglo saxon man from Surrey being named thus – what a world of eternal surprises I inhabit ). I … More Mindless Meditation


    In Dharmsala I wake in a homestay on a hillside in the foothills of the Himalayas to the sound of the rain pattering out a rhythm on the rusty tin roof above, my eyes focus on the little window of the room, drops of water collect into rivulets and flow down the panes, … More Akogare*