The Old Lady

August rain drops tumble onto London pavements. Listen hard and you will hear a million umbrellas unfurl out of tube station exits, under grey skies office workers trudge to joyless office blocks full of flickering computer screens I sit outside a cafe at  Notting Hill Gate, genteel Notting Hill sheltering from the rain An old lady rough sleeper shuffles by … More The Old Lady

The fabric of Stars

 Part of the predominantly attractive City of Freiburg is a grey brutal sprawl of concrete. A walkway & 70’s footbridge straddles a busy dual-carriageway, it goes by the name of Schlossbergsteg, one side has it’s feet in the town, the other rests its foundations at the base of a forest covered hill, Castle Mountain. I have … More The fabric of Stars

Lily White

For the first fifty-three years of my life at no point did I ever have the slightest desire whatsoever to visit Germany. Now whilst admittedly there is a lot that this country has contributed to the world, be it literature, art, philosophy, science or a host of other stuff, quite frankly none of that made … More Lily White