Rambling Rhymes


I like you naked next to me

Even though i’m fifty three

I like your lips, I like your hair

But Best of all I like you bare.


Thats it I’m finished with sinning

It was a mistake from beginning

That bite of the apple did for me

I’m out of the garden don’t you see

I tried to tell him Eve led me astray

But God said no be on your way

So thats it I’m out,  its all gone wrong

because of a woman I was  tempted along

But on reflection, Eden’s tame

I like some fun and Lilith is game

I’m off with her, God can whistle

He’d only come out with another epistle

Leave him his Eden, we’ll find somewhere new

A place for sinning, just me & you.



Your eyes are sublime

But they’re not in line

One looks east the other west

Im not quite sure which one is best

but the thing that I like most of all

Is that you are extremely tall

And of course that you are happy

even when I’m being crappy

and as for me I think I’m shallow

a little bit soft like a soggy marsh-mallow

love is blind thats what I’ve heard

but frankly this is just absurd

For loving is a fine pastime

When goofy eyes speak love to mine



empty of meaning,

absence of feeling,

best forgotten

taste of it rotten

better a new tale

old one felt stale

Somewhere new

Where there’s no you

how do you leave a lover?

One step first and then another.



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