Rambling Rhymes

Naked  I like you naked next to me Even though i’m fifty three I like your lips, I like your hair But Best of all I like you bare. Adam Thats it I’m finished with sinning It was a mistake from beginning That bite of the apple did for me I’m out of the garden … More Rambling Rhymes

Alphabet Man

​A for the apes we’ve been over time B for for the brains misplaced down the line C for the crazy ideas in our heads D for the dicks we think with instead E for eccentric, sounds better than mad F is the fear of becoming your Dad. G  for gold, I’ve blown all mine … More Alphabet Man

Telling Tales

Goa February 2017 I have devoured books in these last few months living in India, once a week I make a trip on my scooter to restock, I head to Palolem, a tourist beach with a long jumble of shops. I pass the endless vendors of tourist tat, the grog shops, the fast food stalls, … More Telling Tales


February is here, it’s time for some new years resolutions, better late than never. More exercise, more yoga, swim more, eat better, stop being a dope around women. This is not a finite list by any means, but it’s enough to be going on with that’s the main thing, you have to start somewhere. You … More Resolutions

A frog in my Bog

I have spoken more with the Indian lady who lives next door to me in Goa in three months than I did with my neighbours in Ladbroke Grove in twenty or more years. This is all the more surprising given the fact that neither of us understand a word the other is saying, she speaks … More A frog in my Bog