Cooking the Cat

WTF? Do me a favour, read this paragraph & I can then explain.

The memory footprint of bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs) can be significantly reduced using incremental encoding, which enables the coarse quantization of bounding volumes. However, this compression alone does not necessarily yield a comparable improvement in memory bandwidth. While the bounding volumes of the BVH nodes can be aggressively quantized, the size of the child node pointers remains a significant overhead. Moreover, as BVH nodes become comparably small to practical cache line sizes, the BVH is cached less efficiently. In this paper we introduce a novel memory layout and node addressing scheme and map it to a system architecture for fixed-function ray traversal. We evaluate this scheme using an architecture simulator and demonstrate a significant reduction in memory bandwidth, compared to previous approaches.

This is what I am up against, the words are English, but it means absolutely bugger all to me, that’s because its written by IT techies, nefarious malignant characters that sit at desks across the world from Bangalore to Bejing, in front of computer screens. They sit there each day, ageist fascists, all working hour after determinedly building  websites & apps, all designed to keep people like me out. I in turn hear that this twitter, or twatter, facespeak, or whatever it is, this latest bit of software is going to be really useful,  I naturally decide I need it. So I upload it, it looks like just the thing I need, just as I get used to the idea of using it down it crashes, then the support back up kicks off with IT speak, hours are spent online, talking this language I dont understand, then I give up.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, I have enough IT skills to get myself into trouble, one that springs to mind a while back was the simple exercise of sending somebody a message, now this I realise for the vast majority of humanity is not a difficulty, not so me, I message to arrange a date with this rather lovely woman, fair enough, simple exercise, only I clicked wrong, instead of the person I meant to message I sent it to someone else entirely, the thing was the woman I did send it to was heavily pregnant & happily married, she messaged me back, thanking me for the offer & declining politely.

This was just the tip of an iceberg, I have managed to lose all my photos, ones collected over many years and saved, I thought on a cloud? A cloud, what’s all that about, a bloody cloud? Well my pics went from a bloody cloud into bloody thin air ( if you do happen to see them floating around do let me know would you ). There have been plenty of other of my IT incidents…………….

I suppose though I should take heart from the fact that you can learn new tricks, that sometimes it just requires perseverance. I am reminded of apocryphal tales of people and technology, that when you look back now seem ridiculous, like the old lady, who when electricity was first plumbed into her house went to the store and bought dozens of plugs, the shopkeeper, curious, asked why she was buying so many, she replied that she had just had her home wired for the first time, she was buying plugs for each socket so that the electricity didn’t leak out, or another tale allegedly that happened in the states. This was at the time the first microwaves were introduced, a lady washed her cat, to dry it’s fur she thought she would pop it in her new microwave, just for a minute to dry, of course it didn’t go well.

Now of course the reality may be that I am just antediluvian, I was kipping when the technical revolution happened, and now I’m like an old fart, banging away at a keyboard and making a horrible bloody hash tag of it all. Well let me tell you, I am not going down without a fight. I am going to do whatever it takes to drag myself into the 21st century, here we go,search engine ( sound of keyboard clicks )  ENTER.




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