Conscience is a funny old thing, this morning I got up early as usual but I felt lousey. I did not sleep well, why was that exactly?  Was it worrying about my shambolic life, or the state of the world, or the possibility of Donald Trump becoming President of the U.S.A?  Was it hell, Nope, … More Meat


What am I doing, what should I be doing, why am I here?  These questions never really worried me one iota for fifty years of my life, if they ever did cross my mind they were subsumed quite quickly in the everyday, in working, in being a family man, in doing stuff. I never really … More Why?

The Dance

I was asked recently what I thought I had learnt in the last year or two and if I felt that I had changed during this time. I can say for sure I’ve covered a lot of miles, and for each across a map twice as many in my thoughts and mind, but curiously it … More The Dance