Gardening & Economy Coach travel

Believe me I am trying, to embrace change and new directions, to carve out a different life, but sometimes I just get really pissed off and need a good rant, today is one of those days. It started that way after I read one of those self helpy new age nurture web pages. The section that got my goat ran as follows:-

“Keep reminding yourself today that there is no need to hurry. It’s okay to strive for something better, but also be willing to take your time getting there.Enjoy the journey. Take time to smell the roses, here, where you are right now. It’s all good”.

What a load of old shite. Yes, I need to hurry, I am 51 3/4, let’s be honest I am not going to be here for another fifty years, and if I am a proportion of that is quite likely going to be in an old peoples home where some neanderthal is going to have to wipe my bum when I go to the toilet because I will have forgotten how to do it for myself. Time is not in my favour, don’t tell me it’s all good, it is not.

And roses? I can’t smell them, all I can smell when I walk down the road here is fried chicken and fat. Roses would be more fragrant for sure, but there aren’t any around here, just fast food joints.
And the journey? Am I enjoying it? Well my ticket at the moment is on one of those old National coaches, economy ticket, the upholstery is stained and there’s a whiff on the coach of old ladies, best descibed as pissy.

Is that good, nope. But I know where I am, I don’t have to like the view or the smell or tell myself it’s where I need to be, I don’t. I can move elsewhere. And roses? Well one thing I know is that roses like manure,  lots of it, and somebody needs to shovel it, for now I am the one that needs to do the shovelling.


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