It’s a Wrap.

Divorce is a little like the end of a  movie, scripts have been worked through, actors have spoken all their lines, filming is finished,  budgets have been spent, then its over to the back of house people dealing with the final editing  and the paperwork side and the box office receipts.

The Set is being broken down – the house cleared and sold,  the accumulation of possessions from twenty years of family life are bundled into boxes, so many items out of their time, not of the present, all  categorised – rubbish,recycle, mine,hers,  everything given an ultimate destination, some to be written into new stories, others to be discarded.  As rooms are emptied only empty sets & echoes remain.

This movie to begin with really grabbed me, I loved it, the story was engaging, the characters full of life but as it progressed it faded, in fact towards the end I found the atmosphere really depressing, by the final scenes I just wanted it to be over. I don’t think this movie is  a winner, its destined to go straight to video no doubt.

As for the Actors, well perhaps their performances were limited by a script that started well but petered out. I gather the two main characters didn’t get on during filming, particularly towards the end of the shoot. The male lead has potential, but I think he needs to work at it, the female lead, somewhere along the line I found that I just didn’t believe in her character, whether script or her performance I can’t say for sure, I have my own ideas, but I reckon these actors need a new project to work on.  I would like to see the guy in an adventure story, one of those flicks that has exotic locations, big panoramas, I think it would work for him. It will be interesting to see what roles they both move onto and what they are capable of.

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