My parents on a day (or night) in September 1962  got jiggy, nine months later I was the result. Why they produced a Cancerian baby I cannot tell you, it always felt like a bit of an odd star sign, an Aries or a Leo star sign would have been a little more exciting, but … More Stars.

Therapist healing.

Monday morning 9am, the same time each week I am to be found in a big leather armchair, in the equally voluptuous seat facing me sits my Therapist, we are in her consultation room in Kensal Rise. She is a creature of habit, each week she finds comfort in the same clothing, black knitted top, … More Therapist healing.

It’s a Wrap.

Divorce is a little like the end of a  movie, scripts have been worked through, actors have spoken all their lines, filming is finished,  budgets have been spent, then its over to the back of house people dealing with the final editing  and the paperwork side and the box office receipts. The Set is being … More It’s a Wrap.