Yesterday I came across  a little blue plaque in Hammersmith, its dedicated to Ellen & William Kraft. Being a curious sort of person and not having heard of them before I did a little research and found that this husband and wife were born into slavery in the American deep South, Georgia.  After escaping the … More Home


I have always felt challenged by Art, from childhood I felt unable to create it, any attempt resulted in what I can only describe as failure on an epic proportion, my learning or lack of it left me without the knowledge or vocabulary to communicate with anybody beyond a very superficial level about Art. My … More Adam

The OK Lady & Me.

I am at a party, the spirit flows freely and with it conversations, I am sitting next to a petite woman, of an age close to mine, she is blonde and slim, we have never met before, we are unlikely to do so again. Despite not knowing each other we talk intimately, perhaps the anonymity … More The OK Lady & Me.