Sometimes when the chatter of my mind falls quiet it settles on thoughts of her.

I wonder where she is in that moment, I daydream of being there.

Our paths crossed, we kept each other company for a while, then went our separate ways.

She didn’t realise, but I stopped and turned as we parted, I watched her walking away, I could never tire of looking at her. Sometimes when I looked something just happened, she just took my breath away.

It’s funny what memories linger, I think of her toes, freshly varnished, her clattering down the road in the highest of heels and needing to lean on me for support, of camisole silk knickers, of chorizo & bean stews and rich red wine, of how annoyed she could make me when I felt misunderstood, of how good it felt being next to her.

One day she told me she was not a good person, I was already in love with her, but in that moment I fell totally, hook, line & sinker.

Things rarely work out the way one expects, or the way we think they should, time with her made me realise that I am alive, that love can be found more than once,  that I desire and that sometimes, just sometimes paths cross and you meet someone that leaves you breathless.



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