Don’t call me Childish, I am Unadulterated


Shortly after starting my blog I was told my writing was childish, this was by someone who’s opinion I had valued more than anyone elses. The words frankly cut me rather deep back then.

I was very dissapointed, particularly as the person involved knew that I had wanted to write for a long time, that these were my first stumbling efforts, writing your thoughts on paper and putting them out there for general inspection and dissection is a little like being naked for all to see, you make yourself vulnerable.

In a way the comments spurred me on, I wanted to write, at least I wanted to try, I wanted people to hear what I had to say. I felt I had something worth saying. Maybe my writing was childish, but children when nurtured and fed and encouraged grow, even if my writing wasnt good to begin with in time it might improve.  I wanted to find out, I needed to find out.

I wrote about the people I met, how I felt, what I was doing, sometimes I thought what I had to say was amusing, wry, poigniant, sometimes it was downed right depressing, becuase that was how I bloody well felt sometimes. I’ve tried to avoid talking about depression, after all its bad enought to have it, why on earth would anyone in their right mind want to hear about it? So in short I try to avoid talking about depression, unless of course its funny, everything can have its humour, did I tell you about my Depression competition with my Aunt? I am sure I did, we ended up having a competition to decide who was the most depressed, I won by the way ( I am highly competitive ) anyway, I diverge.

So I write, I scribble, I blog, people read it, at the end of July it will be one year of blogging. Each time I write a blog I post it to Facebook, to the 100 odd Facebook “Friends” I have accumulated. Some of those friends have liked what I have written, they’ve gone on to share some of those posts.

In the last week it has been read in twenty-five countries, since I began in 48. More than half of which I have never been near to. People have told me it makes them laugh, sometimes it touches them, they keep reading. Today it will have gone over the 4000 mark.  If I write childishly then so be it. I continue to grow, as long as people keep reading I will keep writing and get better at it, life is all about learning.

Perhaps most of all life is about being thankful for the opportunities that come your way. Right now I am most thankful for all of those people that have taken the time to read my stuff and to those that have said they enjoy my ramblings.

I think I have decided, my writing isnt Childish, it’s Unadulterated.

Unadulterated, adjective, complete and absolute, not diluted or made impure by adult-erating.








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