I know we’ve not met, but I want to say this to you……………


At times it may not be easy, but let’s make a promise to always speak our truth with each-other. The most important thing for us both is to be open, to have no fear of saying  what we need to, even if it may be tough for the other to hear. We can ultimately only be free if we are true to ourselves and in turn each other.  I want to see the real you, I  want to be real with you, we deserve nothing less.

I want to know what is important to you, what your dreams are, what makes you tick, what scares you, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, I want to tell you those same things about me. I want to share my deepest secrets, the ones nobody else will ever hear, I want you to trust me enough to tell me yours.

I want you to know how I feel about you and what you mean to me, I want to see you in the morning when you’ve just woken up and have sleep in your eyes, I want to see you dressed to the nines ready to party. I want to be with you at the end of a late night when maybe you are just a wee bit tipsy. I want to travel with you and see places we’ve dreamed about, meet people who’s lives are a world away from those we know. I want to argue with you about silly things that don’t matter, then spend an age making up.

I want to make you laugh a lot, on a regular basis, I want to laugh a lot as well, I want to take you to dinner in cool restaurants and little beachside grills, to take you to swanky shops and hippy markets. We both need our own interests, that’s important, but I want to know what you would like to do and see, I think it would be fun to do some of that stuff together.

I want to walk, ride,fly with you through life but not just when everything is bright and rosy, I want to be the man you turn to when the shit hits the fan and you just need to be held tight.  I want to be the person that whispers to you don’t worry, it will be all right.

Right now though I need to tell you I have a lot going on, too much for me to be with you right now, there are many things I want to do, more still that are necessary for me to work on. I’m sure you are equally busy. I think it’s best that we don’t meet just yet, when I have worked out my stuff and you yours it would be better. Let’s just meet then, we will bump into each other somewhere I’m sure, I don’t know when or where, but it will happen, then you and I can talk & have fun together and go on that journey we’ve been promising ourselves.

I don’t even know your name, but it doesn’t matter, you can tell me when we meet, after all we have such a lot to talk about, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

10 thoughts on “I know we’ve not met, but I want to say this to you……………

  1. that is lovely and so true… i wrote a book and published it last year then moved from California to Puerto Rico… i met a fellow the other night who arrived here in January of this year who’s left his “old” life too… we talked and laughed and enjoyed ourselves immensely… he is 63 and i am 70! I believe many of us are doing this thing we may have to call our “new” life. Happy trails to you young ‘un….


    1. Thanks Linda. It’s Saturday lunchtime in London and raining, there’s a surprise!
      Well done on Writing your book and publishing, I’m thinking of having a crack at it myself.
      Just haven’t lived enough stories yet.

      Beautiful Puerto Rico, I have never been, it will have to go on the list.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I like the idea of being a young un!


  2. This post has had over 60 hits from former Yugoslave republics, I am really chuffed as we say in England to find that so many people that I dont know from a part of the World, regretably that I have never been to have found what I wrote worth reading.


    1. Because of Dado Dzihan… he posted it on his FB page and he has upwards of 3K friends all over the world (I am in Rincon, Puerto Rico!)


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