Dream Time




Here is my little Smythson Notebook, in Gilt lettering on the front it reads Dreams & Thoughts. It has lain in my bedside cupboard for maybe four or five years, there were no dreams I wanted to write down, at least none I could think of. Now it’s time to start, to realise my dreams and to begin chasing them.

Some of those dreams are easy to verbalise, there is a long list of places that I have always yearned to see. I like epic journeys, to wild places where the throngs don’t manage to get to. Samarkand and the Silk Road, The Middle East, a Felluca along the Nile, Ethiopia, the backwaters of India, Brasil, Iceland, Madagascar, to name but a few.

We all need some secrets in life, I have a few dreams that I am keeping secret, for now. I have a zillion things to do, Dreams, Realities, Mundanities, they all need to be fitted in and its time to move on, welcome back to life.

Dreams and thoughts, Page 1,   I want to………………………………………

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