Live Truth and Love

I am after answers, in one of the countless links on the net I came across an interesting post that basically outlined what actions you can continue to keep yourself as miserable as possible. I wanted to turn that idea on it’s head and come up with a modus operandi to achieve the opposite, this is where I ended up.


Love life, especially your own, it is a gift
In every moment seek the light
Vanquish fear, it never serves
Earn love don’t expect it
Think about others needs, your own will take care of themselves
Reach every day you have breath
Use every gift you possess
Take responsibility for yourself
Hold out your hands to those who need help
Ask of yourself always and from others rarely
Never, ever give up
Do whatever you can to make a difference
Learn from every mistake, learn that you need to make mistakes
Open up to the World and everything in it
Vow to leave life better for having been part of it
Exhilerate in existence

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