Now Voyager


Two simple lines from Walt Whitman, they say so much, that within us all we harbour desires and dreams and wants,  sometimes we are too frightened to acknowledge them, to admit them, sometimes they can feel so unobtainable that they remain destined to be forever beyond reach, the truly brave amongst us chase our dreams with every fibre we possess. The measure of a man is in the spirit and the drive and the heart he gives to the quest. My heart is yet to be weighed………..

I am Voyager, I have no idea where I am heading, I am now naked, nothing taken for granted, nothing known, other than the knowledge that this is my journey, that I make it alone, that I know not where it may lead.

At last fears are finally pointless, unnecessary and ultimately faintly ridiculous, that which will be will be, no fear will change. No concerns of what is past or what might have been have any relevance to now or to what is to come. There is only one way to go, forwards into the future.





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