When I came home last week to a burgled home with a front door off it’s hinges and a ransacked house there were several different ways I could have reacted. As I might have done¬† in another time I would have been angry, felt that my private space had been invaded, that whovever did this … More Treasures

Shades of Gray

  Over a meal with a girlfriend a realisation kicked off that there’s a side of myself that I have not considered, part by circumstances, part deliberately in quite a while. In a little Restaurant not far from home as I munched on a Schnitzel & fries I listened to a woman talk about her … More Shades of Gray

Band-aid Love

I recently did something I don’t feel too proud of, it felt right at the time, in a way it was what I needed to do, in my head at least, it was a Band-Aid on a rather large cut. I’ve talked a lot with women-friends, people that I can talk to openly about how … More Band-aid Love