The Princess Emails 7

To Princess Grace Yak

Sweet Melons, I received your email this morning, what a joy to read your loving words. I have to tell you I get a moist feeling inside when I think of you, how I long to consummate our love. It is just a few days now………………………..

The bank emailed me this morning, a form to fill out, I shall do it today.

Tell me, what is it like for mosquitos in Burkina Faso? I haven’t been to your part of the world,is it a malarial area? I probably need jabs, must pop down to Harley Street. To be honest I usually take a few weeks at Mrs.Miggins B&B on the front at Clacton in August, I am not a big one for exotic climes, so this is going to be a big trip for me. I am packing plenty of sun cream, can’t be too careful.

Listen my little ebony-cherub, you said you hoped to go to University, well I can help with that. Twixt you, me and the gate-post lets just say the keys to Cambridge are yours. Have a look at the link below and see what course you are interested in. I will do the necessary, Martin Rocket is a name that opens doors I can tell you that much. Now you are with me your life is going to change.

With fondest love and moistness, your Englishman.


Princess Grace Yak

To Me
Today at 6:59 AM
Dearest Martin,I am worried as I have not heard from you since you open communication with the Bank of Africa.With the help of the Rev Father, I inform the bank of you and I believe they will respond to you as they promise to me.

So honey, I want to hear back from you and update me of your conversation with them.

Yours Lover,




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