The Princess Emails 6

To Princess Yak

My Darling Sweet Teats,

You love my picture!

Those words are a delight to read my little African Angel. My last experience with a woman was not good. I really don’t want to talk about it, but lets just say my ex. wife left me so humiliated that I considered switching sides and batting for the other team. You have restored my faith, now I know I can love again and there are good women in the world.

The   bank  director chappie hasn’t returned my mail as yet, as soon as he does so I will let you know.

I am counting the days until I can kiss those honey lips and our love is  cemented  in a sea of spittle.

Your   Silver Fox

Princess Grace Yak
To Me
Dearest Martin Rocket

Thank you for your effort to see that I’m out from this condition, I don’t know how to thank you, I am praying for God Almighty will bless you and your family.

I am happy that you finally contact the bank, now you have to contact them and let them know that you are my TRUSTEE after that, you ask them the possibilities of having my fund transfer out from Bank of Africa to your bank account in England. Also let them know that what ever maybe the condition, you will like to come here in person to salt it out as the case maybe.

For your picture, it is nice and I love it, please ask the bank about this and let me know what their response is.

Yours lover
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