The Princess Emails 5



To Princess Grace Yak
Relax my darling one, its all in hand. I’ve made the withdrawl from Gringotts Bank, £10,000 in £50 notes ready to oil those wheels, I spoke to my Bank Manager, he tells me that there are some very dodgy people in your part of the World, apparently deception and fraud are absolutely endemic!
The sooner I get you out of there the better, thats all I can say.You and I must be careful or bad people will just try to steal our money, we must be on guard against these wicked fraudsters, even your own family!Anyway, airplane ticket paid for, I am emailing the bank tonight and we are as they say on the way.

I am so pleased to have found you. I did not think at my time of life I could possibly find a reason to carry me across the World and to give me new hope, you have done that my sweetness.

When I think of you Princess Yak, like your Himalayan Bovine namesake, lovely dark curly hair a proud countenance an animal of unique beauty I know that I can be with no other.

I have attached a new photo I had taken this morning, as you will see I am going a little grey!
I hope this doesn’t put you off, but I’ve been told I am a bit of a Silver Fox?
– you must tell me what you think.
Your loving man in England
Martin   XXX
Princess Grace Yak

To Me
Today at 5:33 AM
Dearest Martin,You still have to contact the bank to get the information’s on what is needed to do before you will fly down here, again you must send to me a scan copy of your picture to enable me identify you on your arrival at the airport.

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