The Princess Emails 8

To Princess Tina Yak From  J.W. Hartley   Dear Princess, I am emailing on the instructions of my Employer, Mr. Martin Rocket. It is with great sadness that I must inform you that Mr.Martin passed away after surgery earlier today. Mr.Martin was engaged in decorating the Guest wing of  Brideshead for your stay on wednesday … More The Princess Emails 8

Elgin Adventures

It’s striking how one’s whole mood and outlook can change for the better when you just go out and do something. That happened to me just yesterday, a friend suggested going to a pub in Ladbroke Grove where a guy she new from the music business was reading from his book.  I was half interested … More Elgin Adventures

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Views by Country United Kingdom 2,688 Brazil 242 United States 92 India 39 Italy 35 France 22 Australia 19 Germany 15 Spain 13 Russian Federation 11 Canada 9 Thailand 8 South Africa 7 Mexico 6 Turkey 6 Poland 6 Hungary 5 Israel 4 Chile 3 Morocco 3 Switzerland 2 Netherlands 2 Portugal 2 Oman 2 … More Views to Date 3261

Dating emails

To be honest, I’m not sure I am in a hurry to date, I still look at the Dating Website I joined from time to time, you never know, and sometimes its fun to play along. Here are a couple of emails I’ve sent and received recently. Kristy 37 from Oprington : Her Profile: for … More Dating emails