Caught Out!

Last night I received an email, I wasnt expecting it, one woman I blogged about, I called her Marielle, found my blog and what I had written about her. Thankfully from her comments she was not upset, in fact she seemed to quite like what I had written, but it could have been very different. I have assumed blithely that on one level I can write with annonimity, nobody will get hurt, and that on another lots of people will be able to read my blogs, it doesnt work like that!

Internet dating has been a marvellous cathartic expreience for me that has helped me move on through a difficult passage in my life, I have so enjoyed meeting women that I have found interesting, at times inspiring, thoughtfull, intelligent, its restored my faith in the beauty of life and connection, it has helped me to find a voice and I have so enjoyed writing about my expreiences.

To continue internet dating would be a mistake for me now, I am not looking for a woman, a partner or a relationship on the internet, my path right now is elsewhere. Real life needs to be treated with care and my next lesson is to learn what to share and what to keep in my own heart.

I think though that there is still quite a lot to write about, I’ve not told you about my Aunt Mary, the arguement and the blocked Toilet, or about the old internet date and the scorecard I was given for sex-appeal, second date-ability, charm, inteligence, ( 10/9/8/7 not necessarily in that order ) , my makeover session in the ladies hairdresser salon in the wilds of Edgeware, my secret tatoo yearning, there is a lot to tell and I think I just will have to carry on scribbling………………………………..

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