Hello, It’s Sunday, you must be Ms. Argentina?

ArgentinaIf a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it.
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Well, I live, I learn, a few more weeks and the end of the year will see me six months into , fifty, free and single. 

I have learnt one hell of a lot in that time, about myself, about the world, and about my place in it. It’s been a journey I didn’t see coming, that really shocked me to my innermost core, it turned me inside out and outside in, but it’s what I needed to learn, the hard way! Now I feel a little like a Bear, a Grizzly Bear at that, coming out of hibernation after a long winter, I  am hungry, a little bad-tempered I have to admit, impatient for sustenance on lots of levels. I am also rather frustrated with myself. I have things I want and I need to do, and Ive spent a good deal of the past few months in my head, thinking, examining what was, what could have been, I’ve had periods of misery and sadness, periods of light and realisation, I’ve seen potential and glimpses of bright futures, and boy oh boy have I thought about my life, more in the last five months than the previous fifty years. I know where I am going, I know the man I am, I know what I want, I know my value. That’s some good shit to work with!

The reason I am Grizzly is two-fold, firstly I am annoyed with myself because I need to stop thinking and start doing, too much self examination and no action is pointless, it’s like having an Atlas that shows you maps of the World, fascinating but no substitute for seeing those places with your own eyes, representation is not reality, real life has to be lived and be seen, I need to live it. And I am annoyed about Fun, yes Fun, I do not have enough of it in my life, man, I need to be less serious and I need to lighten up and not take life quite so seriously.

I have a silly idea to help make that happen, what is it?

Without intending, my on-line dating has led me to connect with ladies with from France, Iran,Israel,Italy, Mexico,Russia,Slovenia,Switzerland, U.S. & of course the UK. That’s ten countries in all. Well, could I connect with women from 100 Countries,  would it be possible?  If so how long would that take?  If I meet one woman per week as a minimum, that’s two years.

I’ve been told that it takes a month per year of a failed relationship to get over it, so the figures are roughly the same, two years of world-wide dating, by that time I should be over my ex, if I decide to have a no fuss Divorce I have to wait that long anyway, all dates seem to kind of converge, two years being single, lots of stories to write about, and who knows I might meet somebody along the way that I like and likes me, at worst I am sure I will make a bunch of new friends, that sounds like a plan!

100 Countries, 100 Women, Two Years, if my life isn’t sorted by then I am going to become a Buddhist monk and retire to a life of contemplation in a Monastery, who knows, at the end of this little project that may be my choice!

Better start warming up,  ” Hola te pierdas Argentina”   Does that sound ok?

5 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Sunday, you must be Ms. Argentina?

  1. Martin, dear friend, I don´t think you could possibly be a monk. Grumpy, funny, witty and handsome as you are would be dificult to dedicate yourself to be quiet, contemplative, meditative and sexless in that world. I liked the post, though, and the picture in it. Looking very good.


  2. You are very idealistic and I’m just a little cynical … Or maybe my original comment was just a little lighthearted! 🙂

    Your postings are enjoyable to read btw… You have a deep philosophical side and a very observant eye…. Your musings are expressed so well, you have the ability to draw one in. I’m hooked and so are many others, I am sure. You have a captive audience ! I feel I am absorbing a little of your psyche by reading your blogs… It’s very brave talking so openly and sharing your inner thoughts and feelings. Of course you chuck in just enough humour to give your writing a nice warm, human twist. X


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