The Seven Stranded Rope – Purpose

Each human being is like a length of rope, strands woven together, sometimes the rope can get frayed over time, it can unravel, it can lose strength and elasticity and cease to be useful for anything but the mundane. If you get it right and the fates smile on you then all the strands woven together exceed the sum of the individual strands, they can carry the heaviest of weights and deal with the most difficult challenges, the whole can achieve the sublime and the great.

My rope was frayed, by time, by use and I have to admit by simple lack of care, these days we just chuck out old rope and buy new, but it wasn’t always that way. Ropemaking was a great skill that carried mankind on his journey, that made the building of the pyramids possible, that carried the sails of ships for millenia across the oceans, The Ropemaker was an artisan, that would work and re-work ropes, now I need to be my own Ropemaker, I need to learn to re-weave my strands, so far I’ve spent four months unravelling, examining, looking at the damage, some strands are frankly shot to shit, they need to be discarded and replaced, the whole lot needs to be re-woven.

I need seven strands in all for my rope , Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, Direction, Purpose & Courage.  Every strand adds strength to the whole, together the combination is compelling, the central strand starts with Purpose – Dictionary Definition – A person’s sense of resolve or determination.

This has to be the central strand, it runs at the core, determination, resolve,purpose, for a long time I’ve not not had purpose, it’s such a powerful force, engage it and all things become possible, all things have potential. Other strands I’ve been working on, but there is a lot to do, I was always a bit of a putz with DIY, but this is one project I want to get right.

We have one life, and if one doesn’t remain aware and focused and determined the years slip away alarmingly quickly, three score and ten is the base line, I have twenty to go, time to re-weave my rope, good luck with yours…………………..

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