Where in the world?

I am shocked that my blog has now been read in 26 countries, in the last week its had hits from Oman, Singapore and Nepal. I am wondering if one of my friends has taken a job as aircrew and is reading as they travel?

I have only put it on Facebook where I have some 90 odd friends ( by that I don’t mean I have odd friends, well bar a few exceptions and you know who you are! )but now with the counter running At 1500 hits It’s clearly interesting a number of you.

Thank-you for reading, please if you have the time comment, good bad or plain ugly on the WordPress pages, I would like to hear what you think, also I would very much like it if you feel it is worthwhile to share my blog, I love writing and if I know it’s being read its a real drive to continue.

The blog and the response has encouraged me to stand on a stage for the first time in my life and tell my own story, or at least parts of my story, it has encouraged me to talk and listen to others and it has brought me out of a self imposed silence, I love it, I hope you continue to have a little fun with it yourselves.

Thank you for reading 





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